Thyrm DarkVault Critical Gear Case

Thyrm DarkVault Critical Gear Case


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Available with or without our proprietary signal blocking capabilities, the DarkVault™ and DarkVault-Comms cases protect the gear you rely on to complete the mission.


  • Case dimensions:
    • 7.2 x 5.43 x 1.67 inches DarkVault with mount (exterior)
    • 6.70 x 3.95 x 1.15* inches DarkVault interior (*maximum depth)


  • DarkVault and DarkVault-Comms Cases feature:
    • Solid, battlefield-grade construction
    • Gasket seal that keeps out water, dust, and dirt
    • Quick MOLLE attachment system for external and internal mounting options
    • Tunable hinge friction for on-body navigation and communication tasks
    • Strap/latch holes for locks and tamper-evident devices to prevent access to internals and secure case to MOLLE
    • Internal and external adhesive-backed loop Velcro® panels for ID and organization
  • DarkVault Version also features:
    • GPS and Cellular signal blocking polymer construction. 90+ decibels of signal reduction between 300 and 1500 MHz to block standard cell tower, GPS, and other signals. Note: Higher frequency WiFi/Bluetooth (2.4GHz and higher, including WiFi Calling) are not consistently attenuated.
  • The DarkVault critical gear cases were developed with input from active-duty military and federal law enforcement to provide professional-grade levels of protection while keeping gear immediately accessible for navigation and communication tasks. For many users who are constantly powering down their gear due to active counter-surveillance, the DarkVault cases can provide isolation without constant power-cycling. DarkVault cases can also provide isolation for field-acquired assets/evidence. Please refer to the frequency attenuation chart when assessing the suitability of the DarkVault cases for your application and see the additional information at the bottom of this page.
  • DarkVault-Comms cases provide all the same physical protection but allow for electromagnetic communication (i.e. they are non-blocking).
  • DarkVault and DarkVault-Comms cases are not rated for prolonged submersion or diving. DarkVault-Comms comes in Rescue Orange, Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth, and Black. DarkVault Blocking comes in Battleship Grey (a dark grey).
  • How the DarkVault Blocking case works (and how it doesn’t):
    • The proprietary material used in the DarkVault acts like a Faraday cage, reducing the ability of radio-frequency signals to pass through the DarkVault in either direction.
    • The case has been tested to reduce the signal (between 300MHz and 1500MHz) by at least 90 dB (decibels). This is generally enough to block normal cellphone calls and data, and also block GPS signals. This reduction meets the specifications of our government customers.
    • However, signal strength and your proximity to it, plays a role in whether or not your electronics can be reached through the case. Very strong signals may still interact with your devices, for instance, if you are in close proximity to 1 or many cell towers in a dense urban area, it is possible that signals may occasionally make it through the case.
    • Creating a case that blocked all signals at all frequencies was not the design intent for this product, and would have meant the case would have been extremely large or extremely metallic.