T3 Adjustable MBITR Pouch

T3 Adjustable MBITR Pouch

T3 Gear

STOCK# 101098

Availability: Limited Quantities


Designed to be worn with the radio controls facing the operator. Allows easy access to the control buttons, program indicators and digital screen.

*Radio not included. 


  • Dimensions: 8"x3"x2.5"
  • Weight: 5.10oz.


  • Fits PRC-148 and PRC-152 MBITR radios.
  • Pouch opens at the bottom so the operator can pull the radio out quickly to change a battery without having to undo cables and potentially lose crypto loading.
  • Battery can be changed while radio is on and in the pouch, without zeroing out the crypto.
  • Minimize white light AD’s can see the screen. Easy PTT access. Replaceable 550 cord retention system.
  • One inch fastex with webbing for final tightening.
  • T3 Maritime MOLLE Closure System is included with every T3 Pouch.
  • T3 MILSPEC bar tacked.
  • Compatible with all MOLLE/modular webbed systems.
  • Reverse stitching is used wherever possible to enhance durability.
  • Minimal use of binding tape.
  • Reinforced Kevlar stitching on stress points.
  • Reliable, secure and highly effective.
  • The outer layer is constructed from beefy 500 weight solution dyed Cordura®, fabric that improves and softens with time and wear. Very durable without being heavy.
  • As with most high-quality items, T3 gear gets better with age.