Safariland 6304 ALS/SLS Drop-Rig Tactical Holster - P226R w/Light

Safariland 6304 ALS/SLS Drop-Rig Tactical Holster - P226R w/Light


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Level III Retention™ Drop-Rig Tactical Holster with ALS® and SLS™

Built for maximum security in tactical operations, the Safariland® Model 6304 Holster includes both ALS® and SLS™ locks to provide Level III Retention™ for your backup firearm. The ALS® Automatic Locking System secures the firearm upon holstering, while the SLS™ Self Locking System clicks into place for additional safety. Both mechanisms release quickly to allow a smooth draw when needed, ensuring no loss of precious seconds during an encounter. Thermo-molded SafariLaminate™ construction handles harsh environments, and the soft SafariSuede™ lining protects your firearm’s finish and sights. The wide shroud and dual elastic straps add comfort and stability, and silicone grip strips help eliminate movement. Mounting holes on the shroud accept ELS, QLS and MLS accessories, making the Model 6304 ideal for gear-heavy roles.


  • Sig Sauer P226 Pistols with SureFire X300/U or Streamlight TLR-1HL lights.
  • Will secure the pistol without a light attached.
  • Right Hand
  • OD Green
  • STX Tactical Finish


  • Drop-rig tactical holster designed for maximum retention security
  • Level III Retention™ with ALS® and SLS™ locks
  • Level IV Retention™ with optional Sentry Lock
  • Adjustable belt attachment usable with all belt sizes
  • Silicone-backed dual leg straps minimize movement
  • Leg shroud accepts ELS, QLS, and MLS mounts
  • Durable SafariLaminate™ construction
  • SafariSuede™ lining protects finish and sights against wear