Parabellum Prime All-weather Training Targets (10-pack)

Parabellum Prime All-weather Training Targets (10-pack)

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These paper targets were designed to be multi-function and allow the shooter to practice a variety of drills and polish their skills as it applies to their needs. Drill instructions included.

Each target was laser printed on the Rite-in-the-Rain all-weather copier paper. It will resist rain, sweat, mud and spills.


  • This 10-pack includes:
    • 3x The Lantern Targets
    • 3x The Mandarin Targets
    • 3x Rush Hour Targets
    • 1x T-series Target


  • The Lantern:
    • Designed with a Red Dot Sight (RDS) zeroing focus, this target serves a variety of functions and can be used in many applications.
    • Drills: F.A.S.T and Furious, No Refunds, Mozambiques
  • The Mandarin:
    • This target was designed to be multi-functional and allow the shooter to combine a variety of drills to polish their skills.
    • Drills: Bishop Drill, Einstein Drill, Back to Brand
  • Rush hour:
    • With numerous scoring areas, this target can facilitate a combination of drills or be separated based upon the shooter's requirements.
    • Drills: Close Hands Drill, Frogger, 3-2-1
  • T-series:
    • The T-series is a multi-function target for precision rifle shooters. It allows shooters to check rifle, scope and load functionality, as well as test shooter's proficiency.