OT Defense SLS Nub Mod Black

OT Defense SLS Nub Mod Black

OT Defense

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The SLS Nub is needed for users running Level III Safariland Holsters with the ALS lever and the SLS hood. It also works with the ALS only (Level I) holsters for those with a larger waist girth to allow a smoother contact with the body over the ALS Nub Mod.

Upon engaging the SLS hood downward with the thumb, the users thumb cannot help but land on the Nub Mod, releasing the weapon into the drawstroke.

Slightly grooved to keep the thumb in contact with the lever, blasted and hard anodized black for a long lasting finish. Made in the USA.

User assumes any risk associated with drawing from a modified holster.

Does NOT work with 1911 Level 3 Holsters. You need Level III 1911 Nub Mod

Will not work with certain SIG's - the slide release is too large. This Nub adds 1/8" toward the weapon, measure of your clearance before purchasing. Will not work at with Sig P320X5, HKVP9 may require some filing on the top of the holster.

For 2020 Safariland has started releasing some new ALS levers. If your lever has the part number 'GL04' on it (as seen from inside the holster toward the front as worn), you will need to file the lever flat as shown in the last image to make the Nub Mod fit.

Includes all hardware for installation.