L.A.G. Tactical M.C.S. Tourniquet Carrier

L.A.G. Tactical M.C.S. Tourniquet Carrier

LAG Tactical

STOCK# 104618

Availability: Limited Quantities


Firearms are dangerous tools...they're supposed to be. It's important to realize that even with the most competent shooters, accidents can happen. They may happen to you, or someone around you. For that reason, it's important to carry life saving equipment both on your person and at your training site whenever you are training with firearms. The first line of defense for uncontrollable bleeding is the Tourniquet, and the CAT and SOFTT-W are two of the best in the business. The M.C.S. TQ Carrier will provide you an easy and secure way to carry them while still providing immediate access. With a belt mount option or a PALS webbing compatible option, no matter what kit you're running or what you're training that day, we have a TQ carrying solution for you.

Tourniquet not included. 


  • Weight: 0.50 Ounces


  • Designed for CAT Gen7 and SOFTT-W, but will also work with SWAT, RATS and other similar designs.
  • Compatible with multiple mounting styles:
    • 1.5” and 1.75” belt clips
    • MALICE Clips for MOLLE/PALS webbing
    • Large Tek-Lok
    • Safariland ELS -Can “Nest” together with other M.C.S. accessory carriers to maximize use of available real estate.
  • At approx. 3” wide, you can fit one carrier for every 1.5 columns of MOLLE/PALS webbing.
  • Please note: The tension on your TQ and how much TQ is exposed above the carrier will depend on how you have the TQ folded. You may have to experiment with different folds in order to fine tune the tension to your liking.