Crye Precision Modular Rigger's Belt (MRB) 2.0

Crye Precision Modular Rigger's Belt (MRB) 2.0

Crye Precision

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MRB™ 2.0 is a lightweight, low-profile belt system that comfortably carries your critical gear and holds up your pants. It’s a lot more versatile than a typical rigger’s belt and a lot less bulky than a typical load carriage belt. It’s configurable in multiple ways to facilitate your unique needs. It helps you move some gear off your vest and onto your hips for less back fatique. Made in the US from US materials. It’s also designed to accept our LRB™ for load-rated applications.

There are two main ways to configure the system to suit any operational need:

  1. Keep the INNER BELT attached to the OUTER COVER for a very stable and integrated set-up.
  2. Wear the INNER BELT as seperate low-profile pants belt for quick donning & doffing of your load-out OUTER COVER / OUTER BELT.


  1. Multiple pistol mounting options (on INNER BELT, on OUTER COVER and on OUTER BELT)
  2. OUTER BELT can be replaced with our LRB™ or RANGE BELT™
  3. Ergonomically shaped for long wearing comfort
  4. Extremely light and low bulk
  5. MOLLE compatible OUTER COVER opens easily on both sides to accommodate holsters
  6. INNER BELT functions on its own as a great ultra-low-profile pants belt (no bulky hardware)