Celox Gauze, 10' Z-Fold ^^^

Celox Gauze, 10' Z-Fold ^^^


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When placed directly into a bleeding wound and subjected to pressure, Celox™ Gauze absorbs blood and forms a muco-adhesive gel that seals the wound to stop the flow of blood. In a recent Navy study, Celox™ Gauze Z-Fold clearly and consistently outperformed competitors in several areas relevant to a Combat or Tactical Medic. They include: Immediate Hemostasis (defined as a 3 minute compression period), Post-Application Blood Loss, and most notably, Survival. These features present initial and "downstream" benefits for both the casualty and the medic making Celox™ Gauze Z-Fold the preferred choice of the "3 minute" Gauze's.

"3 minutes" of direct pressure begins after the dressing application ends. "Packs faster" can be the difference between your safety and tactical medical superiority for your casualty. Celox™ Gauze 5' Z-Fold is nearly 60% shorter in length compared to other competitive products, while filling the same size wound. The shorter gauze allows significantly faster wound packing. Celox™ Gauze 5' Z-Fold is intuitive, easy to handle, and reduces application time during all phases of care.

NOTE: Celox™ Gauze 10' Z-Fold does not double in price for double the volume. For massive traumatic wound packing, Celox™ Gauze 10' Z-Fold can provide the clinically desired additional volume without the extra-large product price. A single unit of Celox™ Gauze 10' Z-Fold is capable of packing more than twice the wound volume of some of its competitors.


  • Sever high pressure bleeding;
  • Arterial and venous bleeding;
  • Hemorrhage;
  • Bullet, blast, knife and shrapnel wounds;
  • Wound packing;
  • Applying through strong blood flows;
  • Application to all bleeding wounds.


  • Weights & Dimensions:
    • Packaged: (H 4.25 in. x L 6.75 in. x D 1.0 in.);
    • One Gauze Strip: (W 3 in. x 10 ft. / 7.6 cm x 3.0 m);
    • Weight: (62 g / 2.19 oz.).


  • The most effective dressing for immediate hemostasis;
  • Stops life-threatening bleeding resulting from shock as found in severe traumatic injuries;
  • Works independently of the body's normal clotting mechanisms;
  • Published success in the field;
  • Generates no heat;
  • Hemostatic agent with 15g chitosan to stop severe arterial and venous bleeding injuries;
  • Not affected by windy conditions;
  • Works in cold conditions and with hypothermic patients;
  • Sterile, waterproof packaging;
  • Easy to remove and irrigate from wound;
  • No scissors or shears required - tears easily to required length.