Celox First Aid Gauze 8x8 ^^^

Celox First Aid Gauze 8x8 ^^^


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Solutions for first aid Stop bleeding from minor cuts, lacerations and abrasions at home, at work, for leisure, for travel. Be prepared with Celox First Aid Hemostatic Gauze Products.

Celox™ Granules are bonded to the surface of CELOX Gauze, which has a more stable, denser consistency than traditional thready gauze and does not compact under pressure. Just pack or cover the bleeding area and apply pressure.

At home or on the go

Accidents always happen at the worst times but Celox™ First Aid can help to get control of bleeding injuries. FDA cleared, Celox™ Granules work fast to stop bleeding from minor cuts, lacerations and abrasions. Lightweight, compact and affordable – perfect for the kitchen, at the workbench, sports, hobbies, camping and whenever you are on the move.

Easy to Use

Hemostatic Gauze Roll and Pads – tear it open, apply to the source of bleeding, cover and apply pressure. It’s that simple! Exess Celox™ Granules easily wash away with water or saline. Celox™ Granules are completely bio-compatible and bioabsorbable. Any remaining granules are safely, naturally absorbed by the body.

Nosebleed Dressing – The small, specially-shaped pad is bonded with Celox™ Granules. Fold the pad in half, comfortably insert into the nostril and apply external fingertip pressure to stop bleeding fast. Removing pad does not cause a re-bleed.