Aussie Peelback MED Plate 2.0

Aussie Peelback MED Plate 2.0

Aussie Peelback

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The Medical Equipment Deployment Plate (MED Plate® 2.0) is an individual first aid kit designed to fit within a plate carrier vest, in behind the ballistic plates, the back panel of your cars seat, or within the back panel of a backpack. It is built in a low profile design to ensure that it is not cumbersome to the user, as well as allowing it to be concealed, minimizing its silhouette and overall bulk. The MED Plate® 2.0 is configured with a one handed nylon single pull lanyard, allowing the user to remove the first aid kit expediently with either hand from the inside front of their plate carrier vest; ensuring the vest does not need to be opened or manipulated by its own mechanisms prior to attempting to access the first aid kit inside. The kit is comprised of a reusable solid vestibule, allowing for the modular storage of a variety of first aid materials affixed with Velcro decided upon by the user, and capable of being reloaded when first aid materials are expended. This kit is compatible with most plate carrier vests that accept SAPI style plates, it is also compatible with the standard issued Canadian Armed Forces flack vest.


  • This Kit includes:
    • 1x MED Plate® 2.0 (9in x 12in)
    • 4x non adhesive Velcro strips (2 short for plate carriers and 2 long for the Canadian Armed Forces Body Armour)
    • 8x large circles of industrial adhesive Velcro to attached first aid materials of your choosing.
    • 2x small circles of industrial adhesive Velcro to affix smaller first aid items.
    • 2x 4 inch gear retainers (to hold items you wish to not attach Velcro to like an NPA tube, or decompression needle).