Mission & Vision


Parabellum Prime exists to enhance the readiness of those responsible for the safety of all Canadians--whether at home or abroad. We prepare those who run towards the danger, because we believe that in order to keep the peace, you must be prepared to fight.


1. Integrity - We remain true to our word, and do what is right.

2. Teamwork - We rely on each other to provide a seamless experience.

3. Growth - Development on both a personal and organizational level.

4. Drive - We are proactive and have a sense of purpose in what we do.

5. Community - The relationships we hold with those we serve, those we affect, and our partners.


Parabellum Prime formally began in 2017, but the growing need for the introduction of an entity dealing with the unique needs of our country's specialized military and police units started years before. We continue to leverage the strengths that 911 Supply has developed since 1995 in the Public Safety & First Responder market, to find new and innovative ways to assist our clients at Parabellum Prime. This has allowed us to immediately position Parabellum Prime as a leader in the industry, and our continued focus on partnering with other like-minded stakeholders will propel us into the next stages of growth, deepening our purpose to those we serve.