Parabellum Prime & 911 Supply Unified

At Parabellum Prime, our objective is to enhance the readiness of those responsible for the safety of all Canadians--whether at home or abroad. We are pleased to announce that we will now to be able to execute this objective to a greater extent by unifying Parabellum Prime with 911 Supply. By uniting with 911 Supply we will be able to proved our customers with a new level of resources to more effectively execute their mission. This growth will see an improvement in our already great customer service, increased efficiency, and a larger selection of products and brands. We are excited for this new chapter and look forward to better serving those that stand on the frontline for all Canadians!

Below are a list of questions you may have

Why are you rebranding? 
We are focusing on customer experience by unifying Parabellum Prime with 911 Supply in order to improve our industry-leading services, speed, and product excellence.  
What will happen to my existing order(s)? 
All existing orders will remain unaffected by the transition. 
Will there be a change in staff and who we’ve been dealing with? 
Parabellum Prime customers will gain access to greater resources including a robust government sales team, expert showroom associates, and dedicated support staff at 911 Supply ensuring prompt service.  
Were you affiliated to 911 Supply before?  
Yes. Parabellum Prime has always been under the same ownership as 911 Supply. The two brands have operated independently until now. Under singular management, we look forward to increasing our industry-leading services, speed, and product excellence. 
Will you be carrying (or continue to carry) the brands I need? 
Yes. Our product selection will only improve under the 911 Supply banner
If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call or visit either location:

Phone: 403.287.1911 
Address: 4327 Manhattan Road S.E.Calgary, Alberta T2G 4B1 Canada
Phone: 613.435.8455
Address: 128 Reis Road Carp, Ont. K0A1L0